The Art Buff Studio is a place where creativity flourishes and is celebrated.  

  1. Students who are beginning or advancing their art practice are led through basic or continued practice, experiencing the fun of learning how to use different mediums and about those who have brought us a life time of art.  

  2. During the Escape Therapy Classes, The Studio  offers adults a peaceful place free from the craziness of our lives. A time to enjoy working with paints and tools to create beautiful works that will revitalize the artist.

  3. Monthly Group Paints will be a fun way to meet new people and enjoy spending time with friends.  Bring a group or come alone.  We will have a great time working on a painting together.  Each participant will leave with a painting as individual as the artist.


A Brief History

I began my art practice in the 4th grade and have never really stopped.  As a teen, I took private lessons as well as lessons in school. In college, I was an art major before going into education.  I also had the opportunity to travel all over the world to Europe, Asia, South America and even Egypt. In every area, I was able to study closely the wonderful artwork of the masters from all over the world.  I traveled through the fabulous museums studying closely and was truly humbled by what I saw.  I continue to this day to study and practice because learning is a lifelong adventure.  I hope to bring this passion to my studio.