Apalachicola Art Walk 2017

So excited about my participating in my first Art Walk tomorrow.  I have everything packed and ready to go.  I have several beach scenes ready for purchase.  Many of them are what I like to think of as Vacation Memory Scenes.  They are meant for you to actually write on recording your favorite memories of your trip.  Add the year, the location,  each person on the trip gets to add a memory their favorite event, song of the summer, favorite restaurant or meal, funny event and a then they can choose their own frame.  

For those who want something not quite beachy, I am taking some of my farm animals and of course they will be all dressed for the occasion and ready for the big event.  Lets just say I have a little of everything in this collection.  

I will be posting pictures of the display and the weather is supposed to be beautiful so it should be a great way to start of spring break.  

I will be painting while the day goes on as well.  Depending on where I will be set up, I may be painting some town scenes. If not, I'll rely on my imagination.  Stay tuned.  

Excited and scared

Once Upon A Time