Excited and scared

I have just gotten back from the Art Walk in Apalachicola, Fla.  If you haven't ever been there, it is a must stop destination.  Plan to spend the night or two at least.  No one gets in a hurry in this little sleepy, artsy, fishing town.  So there is no need for any visitors to be.  

Anxious and excited about my first visit to the Art Walk festival, I tried to get in touch with the Chamber to find out where I would be set up.  They told me just to DROP by that morning!  I don't work like that but I guess I need to start.  So up I am early that morning walking to the Chamber.  Did I mention you can walk wherever you go?  I get to the park where I meet an artist who is setting up her stand.  

"Great, I think," she will know something.  "Sure, set up by me, "she says and I did.  NOBODY else set up in the same area.  I kept asking if she was sure and was assured that is where they all set up last year.  I finally got the GUY, from the chamber, on the phone long after time to set up and found out where I was supposed to be.  Actually right in front of where I was, just one street over.  

  • Well, it was cooler where I was.  
  • Yes, people did walk to my stand as well because of my location.
  • Would I have seen more people where I should have been? YES
  • Would that have made a difference? Maybe or Not.

I sold a painting (excited)  I sold clothing with my paintings printed into the material.  Sold a painting I was working on one cloudy afternoon sitting on the dock at the Inn.  

What I learned from this event.

  1. Check out the site as much as possible before the event, YOURSELF!
  2. Call all who are involved if you don't feel informed until you get the answers you need.
  3. People are going to buy the least likely thing you think they will buy. (I May change my mind about this)
  4. I took paints to use during the day- great idea!
  5. Sunscreen (important even if under tent)
  6. BUG SPRAY !!!! (Never forget bug spray)
  7. I had water to drink in a small cooler. (Never forget it-saved me)

Now I look forward to the Pea Ridge Arts festival coming April, 29th.  Can't wait to see what I'll learn at this one.  

Work has begun!

Apalachicola Art Walk 2017