Where I am now..

Sitting here at the beginning of August taking stock of what we have accomplished and what is let to do is a little scary but also quite funny at the same time.  When this idea was hatched, I had little time to really look into the pros and cons of what we would be getting into.  We had the space, such as it was, it just needed a little love. Right?  I think that should have been titled ALOT of LOVE and VERY HARD LABOR.  How could that space need so much?  One step at a time we have taken the dive.  More and more has been achieved.  Ideas have come as we have begun to form something from the dust.  We are getting somewhere.  The Pergola is up. The awning over the door is not. The internet is being installed tomorrow.  The back two rooms will get their new floor over the weekend.  Hopefully the central air will be put in before long so I can get the bathroom ceiling up.  Yes, The studio is open in a limited capacity.  I am selling our local honey and farm fresh eggs and my art of course.  I also have Barb's Cottage Creations line of Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions.  Which are wonderful by the way.  Once you begin using her products on your skin, you won't want to use anything else.  I plan to begin classes the first week of September.  By then the Construction should be complete.  It really is a fun space to check out.  It is quite amazing to see the changes that have occurred over the past few months.  It's quite relaxing and when classes begin I believe you will find it a great way to escape from your busy life by joining a class.  Until then..

The scary room isn't so scary any more.

My first week.